BHAGEERATH: An Energy Based Protein Structure Prediction Server

Please Note (before submitting jobs):

1. The amino acid sequence in the FASTA format can be either pasted or typed in the box provided. The current version of Bhageerath supports sequences upto 100 amino acids. For sequences > 100 amino acids the results may take longer time to complete.

2. To input the secondary structure information, select Helix or Sheet from the drop down menu. Insert the range of amino acids in the boxes in ascending order (for example: Sheet 4-8; Helix 12-30 and not Helix 12-30; Sheet 4-8). Click Add to select the range. The server can handle a minimum of two and maximum of three secondary structures currently due to a limitation of the computational resources.

3. Click on SUBMIT button to execute your jobs on the server.

4. On each submission you receive a job ID on the screen. The job ID can be used to retrieve the results/ check the present status of your job.

For any exception/problem, kindly contact