Latest Software

BHAGEERATH-H: A Homology ab-intio Hybrid Web
server for Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction

Sanjeevini: A Complete drug design tool.

Automated Version Of Active Site
Prediction (AADS):
Predicts 10 binding sites in a target and docks the
uploaded ligand molecule at all 10 sites predicted
in an automated mode.

Melting Temperature Predictor:
It predicts the melting temperature of DNA sequences.

pcSM Software:pcSM: Capturing Native
Protein Structures with a Physico-Chemical Metric.

ncRNA Gene DatabankncRNA Gene Databank
is a comprehensive database of
genes of non coding RNA
alongwith their product information.

Help Hotline

1. Genomics/Chemgenome Resource Person:

    Contact Person: Dinesh Sharma
    Contact No: +91-11-26596786 (O)
    Email Id : dinesh[at]

2. Proteomics/Bhageerath-H Resource Person :

    Contact Person: Akshata Hegde
    Contact No: +91-11-26596786 (O)
    Email Id : akshata[at]

3. Drug Design/Sanjeevini Resource Person:

    Contact Person: Dheeraj Kumar
    Contact No: +91-11-26596786 (O)
    Email Id : dheeraj[at]

In case of any difficulty with any of our software/services you can contact the above mentioned resource persons from the respective area.

During the day time (10:00 am . 6:30 pm) call at the office nos and if the person is not available please send mail to the respective email IDs.


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