Latest Software

BHAGEERATH-H: A Homology ab-intio Hybrid Web
server for Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction

Sanjeevini: A Complete drug design tool.

Automated Version Of Active Site
Prediction (AADS):
Predicts 10 binding sites in a target and docks the
uploaded ligand molecule at all 10 sites predicted
in an automated mode.

Melting Temperature Predictor:
It predicts the melting temperature of DNA sequences.

pcSM Software:pcSM: Capturing Native
Protein Structures with a Physico-Chemical Metric.

ncRNA Gene DatabankncRNA Gene Databank
is a comprehensive database of
genes of non coding RNA
alongwith their product information.

Help Hotline

1. Genomics/Chemgenome Resource Person:

    Contact Person: Dr. Ankita Singh
    Contact No: +91-11-26596786 (O)
    Email Id : ankita[at]

2. Proteomics/Bhageerath-H Resource Person :

    Contact Person: Dr. Rahul Kaushik
    Contact No: +91-11-26596786 (O), +91-7827718345(Whatsapp no.)
    Email Id : rahul[at]

3. Drug Design/Sanjeevini Resource Person:

    Contact Person: Dr. Abhilash Jayaraj
    Contact No: +91-11-26596786 (O), +91-9871598303(M)
    Email Id : abhilash[at]

In case of any difficulty with any of our software/services you can contact the above mentioned resource persons from the respective area.

During the day time (10:00 am . 6:30 pm) call at the office nos. In case the person is not available or some urgent issue is there which needs to be addressed on immediate basis you can call at the mobile nos. also.


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