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Visualization of DNA CURVES/CANAL Output Files: Dials and Windows

This web-enabled program allows the user to take the output files from the CURVES/CANAL programs (citation) and compile them into an easy-to-read format using "dials and windows." The resulting visualizations provide an intuitive way to read the various parameters of DNA structure as a function of time. All angle parameters are displayed as "dials," where each data point is plotted on the 360degree "axis" of the circle starting from the center and moving radially outward with time. Base pair step parameters are plotted in "windows" with a zero-line reference point. The vertical axis represents time and the resulting plot displays the fluctuation horizontally of the given parameter.

Our program also allows the user to upload the data of a canonical A and canonical B structure for their sequence as a mode of comparison. Link of the programs are :

Circle Red Changing as Dials (for alpha, beta, chi, delta, epsil, gamma, zeta and phase values)

Other Params as Windows (for x-displacement, y-displacement, inclination, tip)

Other Params1 as Windows (for shift, slide, rise, tilt, roll, twist)

Please upload the files in the same order as is given in the brackets above.
To use this program, simply upload each ".dat" file retrieved from CURVES/CANAL in the allocated space. The visualizations will be displayed in a new window of your browser.