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Oligonucleotide Tm Predictor

It predicts the melting temperature of the given oligonucleotide at a particular salt concentration. The user can provide the salt/Na ion concentration or it would take 0.16 M Na ion concentration as the default concentration.The maximum length of the sequence could be 50 bases.

For Tm Predtiction of longer sequence click here     

Input the oligonucleotide sequence


Sequence Length                           :

Input File                                       :


Salt Concentration                         :  (Range: 0.001M - 2.5M)

DNA Concentration                        :   (Range: 10-9M - 2.0M)

Predicted Melting Temperature    :    ± 1.59 °C

                         The dataset used for training in Multiple Regression Analysis is available Here
                         The dataset on which the testing of hypothesis is done is available Here
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