Threshold value: 100

  Method: Swissprot Space

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NC_000117 NC_000853 NC_000854 NC_000868 NC_000907 NC_000908 NC_000909 NC_000911 NC_000912 NC_000913 NC_000915 NC_000916 NC_000917 NC_000918 NC_000919 NC_000921 NC_000922 NC_000961 NC_000962 NC_000963 NC_000964 NC_001263 NC_001264 NC_001318 NC_001732 NC_001733 NC_002162 NC_002163 NC_002179 NC_002488 NC_002491 NC_002505 NC_002506 NC_002516 NC_002528 NC_002570 NC_002578 NC_002607 NC_002620 NC_002655 NC_002662 NC_002663 NC_002677 NC_002678 NC_002689 NC_002695 NC_002696 NC_002737 NC_002745 NC_002754 NC_002755 NC_002758 NC_002771 NC_002927 NC_002928 NC_002929 NC_002932 NC_002935 NC_002936 NC_002937 NC_002939 NC_002940 NC_002942 NC_002944 NC_002945 NC_002947 NC_002950 NC_002951 NC_002952 NC_002953 NC_002967 NC_002971 NC_002973 NC_002976 NC_002977 NC_002978 NC_003028 NC_003030 NC_003047 NC_003062 NC_003063 NC_003098 NC_003103 NC_003106 NC_003112 NC_003116 NC_003143 NC_003155 NC_003197 NC_003198 NC_003210 NC_003212 NC_003272 NC_003295 NC_003304 NC_003305 NC_003306 NC_003308 NC_003317 NC_003318 NC_003361 NC_003364 NC_003366 NC_003413 NC_003450 NC_003454 NC_003485 NC_003551 NC_003552 NC_003869 NC_003888 NC_003901 NC_003902 NC_003909 NC_003911 NC_003912 NC_003919 NC_003923 NC_003997 NC_004061 NC_004070 NC_004088 NC_004113 NC_004116 NC_004193 NC_004307 NC_004310 NC_004311 NC_004337 NC_004342 NC_004343 NC_004344 NC_004347 NC_004349 NC_004350 NC_004368 NC_004369 NC_004431 NC_004432 NC_004459 NC_004460 NC_004461 NC_004463 NC_004545 NC_004547 NC_004551 NC_004552 NC_004556 NC_004557 NC_004565 NC_004567 NC_004572 NC_004578 NC_004603 NC_004605 NC_004606 NC_004631 NC_004663 NC_004668 NC_004722 NC_004741 NC_004757 NC_004829 NC_004842 NC_004917 NC_005027 NC_005042 NC_005043 NC_005061 NC_005070 NC_005071 NC_005072 NC_005085 NC_005090 NC_005125 NC_005126 NC_005139 NC_005140 NC_005213 NC_005295 NC_005296 NC_005362 NC_005363 NC_005364 NC_005791 NC_005810 NC_005823 NC_005824 NC_005835 NC_005863 NC_005877 NC_005945 NC_005955 NC_005956 NC_005957 NC_005966 NC_006055 NC_006085 NC_006086 NC_006087 NC_006138 NC_006142 NC_006155 NC_006156 NC_006177 NC_006270 NC_006274 NC_006300 NC_006322 NC_006347 NC_006348 NC_006349 NC_006350 NC_006351 NC_006360 NC_006368 NC_006369 NC_006370 NC_006371 NC_006396 NC_006397 NC_006448 NC_006449 NC_006461 NC_006510 NC_006511 NC_006512 NC_006513 NC_006526 NC_006570 NC_006576 NC_006582 NC_006624 NC_006677 NC_006814 NC_006831 NC_006832 NC_006833 NC_006834 NC_006840 NC_006841 NC_006908 NC_006933 NC_006958 NC_007086 NC_007109 NC_007164 NC_007168 NC_007181 NC_007204 NC_007205 NC_007292 NC_007294 NC_007295 NC_007296 NC_007297 NC_007332 NC_007333 NC_007347 NC_007348 NC_007350 NC_007354 NC_007355 NC_007356 NC_007384 NC_007404 NC_007406 NC_007426 NC_007429 NC_007432 NC_007434 NC_007435 NC_007481 NC_007482 NC_007484 NC_007493 NC_007494 NC_007498 NC_007503 NC_007509 NC_007510 NC_007511 NC_007513 NC_007514 NC_007516 NC_007517 NC_007519 NC_007520 NC_007530 NC_007576 NC_007577 NC_007604 NC_007606 NC_007613 NC_007614 NC_007618 NC_007622 NC_007624 NC_007633 NC_007644 NC_007650 NC_007651 NC_007677 NC_007681 NC_007705 NC_007712 NC_007716 NC_007722 NC_007759 NC_007761 NC_007775 NC_007776 NC_007793 NC_007794 NC_007795 NC_007796 NC_007797 NC_007798 NC_007799 NC_007880 NC_007899 NC_007940 NC_007947 NC_007952 NC_007953 NC_007955 NC_007963 NC_007969 NC_007973 NC_007974 NC_007984 NC_008011 NC_008021 NC_008022 NC_008023 NC_008024 NC_008025 NC_008044 NC_008048 NC_008054 NC_008060 NC_008061 NC_008062 NC_008086 NC_008095 NC_008148 NC_008149 NC_008150 NC_008212 NC_008213 NC_008229 NC_008258 NC_008260 NC_008262 NC_008265 NC_008277 NC_008309 NC_008312 NC_008313 NC_008319 NC_008321 NC_008322 NC_008340 NC_008343 NC_008344 NC_008346 NC_008347 NC_008358 NC_008369 NC_008390 NC_008391 NC_008392