The database can be searched against:

  • Domain (Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya)
  • Organism name (Scientific Name)
  • Chromosome (1, 2, X, Mitochondria)
  • ncRNA Class (miRNA, tRNA, rRNA, SRP-RNA etc.)
  • NCBI Gene ID (725999, 11093, 1057 etc.)
  • Database ID (ncB077066, ncA000542, ncE036316 etc.)

To initiate the search process the user has to select one of the options corresponding to the "Domain" which will provide the list of organisms in the drop down box from Organism. If the user selects all domains it will provide the names of all the organisms present in the database but if it selects one of the domain it will provide the list of organisms from that particular domain. After the selection of the organism the user can select a chromosome of the selected organism from the Chromosome dropdown menu and its corresponding ncRNA class from the list of ncRNA's. The domain, Organism name, Chromosome and ncRNA class are the mandatory fields if the search is not initiated on the basis of Database ID or NCBI Gene ID. Additional options facilitate the user to filter the results based on validation method, genomic position, strand.

User can also search the database based on NCBI Gene ID or Database ID. These can be used to start a simple serach process irresspective of the dropdown menu provided above.

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