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Tulsi, Turmeric and Neem are some of the Indian plants known to be beneficial in a multitude of diseases and disorders. The effectiveness of these extracts in viral and bacterial infections, inflammations, cancer and diabetes etc. have been documented over the centuries. Many recent research papers also discuss additional novel utilities of these extracts. A major limitation encountered with these extracts is the unavailability of a knowledge of the compounds and their biomolecular targets. Elucidation of the precise mode of action of compounds of these extracts can lead to better clinical utilization.

Based on some robust techniques (including in-house tools), protein targets for organic compounds contained in some of the Indian medicinal plants are predicted, their structures are developed and functions annotated enabling correlations to the predicted and known bioactivities of the compounds/extracts. The comprehensive information thus generated in the current undertaking – a product of several masters’ dissertation research - will be made freely available to the scientific community utilizing a web portal to be hosted through SCFBio’s website (

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