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Genome Analysis Software Suite

Protein Structure Prediction Software

In-Silico Drug Design Software

ABC DNA Simulation

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A spin off company from SCFBio.

IIT Delhi

   Our Vision    
To develop novel scientific methods and highly efficient algorithms for Genome analysis, Protein structure prediction and active site directed Drug Design to pursue the dream, GENE to DRUG.....
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The facility is committed towards providing bioinformatics and computational biology tools and software freely accessible to bioinformatics community.
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Latest Software Updates@SCFBio

ProSee: Updated Scoring Function
for Protein Structure Evaluation Calculates
intramolecular energy of a protein in
component-wise break up.

Sanjeevini: A Complete drug design tool.

TPACM4: This tool is used for assignment
of partial atomic charge of small molecules.

Melting Temperature Predictor:
It predicts the melting temperature of
short DNA sequences (upto 50 base pairs)
at a user defined salt within the specified