About RM2TS+

RM2TS+ is a composite web suite for predicting the tertiary structure of a protein from input amino acid sequence (irrespective of the sequence length). It derives its skeletal framework from the higher order Ramachandran Map concept and has undergone several make overs since then.

The new updated version has overcome this sequence length hurdle. Moreover, the accuracies are ~67%, twenty percent higher than the last CASP 11 best server.

The time factor is the USP of the RM2TS_plus web server and it takes roughly 30-40 minutes for outputting the results to the user, accuracies being not compromised at all. FOLD A PROTEIN and FOLD IT FASTER is what inspired us to develop this new classy software in SCFBIO. This is the newest server on the block and is freely accessible worldwide.