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RASPD - A Rapid Scoring Methodology Based on Physico-Chemical Descriptors of Small Molecules

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Hydrogen bond donors and acceptors at the active site of the protein upto from any atom of the drug
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Molecular Properties
Wiener Index                to
Total No. of NH+OH   to
Total No. of N+O         to
LogP                            to
Molar Refrectivity         to
Acid                              to 
Alcohol                        to  
Sulphate/phosphate      to  
Amide                         to  
Aldehyde/Ketone        to  
Ester                           to  
Ether                           to  
Amine                           to   
No.of Aromatic Atoms to 
Formal Charge            to   
Length of the Molecule  to   
Total No. of Atoms     to   
Cut off Binding Energy(kcal/mol)  
No.of Molecules  


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