ncRNA Gene Databank is a comprehensive database of genes of non coding RNA alongwith their product information. It provides annotation of ncRNA genes from the completely sequenced genomes (2123) from all three domains i.e. Archaea (117), Bacteria(1329) and Eukarya(676). It is distinguishable from other existing databases as:

  • It consists of gene-centred information for all the non coding RNAs (including tRNA and rRNA genes).
  • It is a comprehensive database (177077 entries).
  • It has manually curated enteries from literature.

The database has an easy search interface. The data retrieval from the database is facilitated by arranging the information in different tiers ranging from different domains to individual genomes. A search initiated at domain can be threaded to finally reach the individual ncRNAs genes. In the database,the user can find the ncRNAs of either an individual genome or member species of a domain. User can also refine the search against a Species, Chromosome, Gene type (e.g. tRNA, rRNA, snRNA etc.), experimental/predicted data and range of genomic positions(on forward/reverse strand).

The annotated genes of ncRNAs include its genomic positions, its product, sequences,aliases, related literature, functions and other relevant information. The gene sequences are compiled from public domain databases such as NCBI, Genomic tRNA Database, PubMed, OMIM etc.

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