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Interdisciplinary M. Tech. Programme in Bioinformatics at IIT Delhi (Proposal under consideration)

Taking into account the existence of research and teaching activity in areas relating to Bioinformatics in many Departments and Centres at the Institute the Committee feels that it is feasible to initiate an Interdisciplinary M.Tech. programme in Bioinformatics at the Institute.

Bioinformatics has a strong interdisciplinary character. It can be considered to be a confluence of Biology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine with the objectives of developing tools to analyze biological, biochemical, biophysical data and to generate new knowledge in these areas. It is a fact that persons trained and skilled in these multifarious ways do not exist, and if this area is to develop in our country these persons will have to be trained and produced.

The Committee has deliberated on the academic contents of such a programme, and the deliberations have resulted in a document, appended as annexure, that contains some salient features of the programme semester-wise. The full details of the proposed programme and its course content is provided in the document below


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