BHAGEERATH-H: A Homology ab-intio Hybrid Web server for Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction
(October 2013 release)

"Bhageerath-H" accepts amino acid sequence to predict 5 candidate structures for the native. Here user has the flexibility to mention reference PDB(s) for modeling. Method has been fielded in CASP11 Experiment with a much improved version.

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This Web Tool is funded by Department of Biotechnology, DBT

Priyanka Dhingra and B. Jayaram, "A homology/ab initio hybrid algorithm for sampling near-native protein conformations", J Comput.Chem., 2013, DOI: 10.1002/jcc.23339.

Avinash Mishra; Satyanarayan Rao; Aditya Mittal; B Jayaram, "Capturing Native/Native like Structures with a Physico-Chemical Metric (pcSM) in Protein Folding" BBA - Proteins and Proteomics. 2013, DOI:10.1016/j.bbapap.2013.04.023.

B. Jayaram, P. Dhingra, B. Lakhani and S. Shekhar, "Bhageerath - Targeting the Near Impossible: Pushing the Frontiers of Atomic Models for Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction", Journal of Chemical Sciences,January2012 Vol. 124, No. 1, pp. 83.91.
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