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DNA Ligand Docking is an all-atom energy based Monte Carlo DNA ligand docking, implemented in a fully automated, parallel processing mode which predicts the binding mode of the ligand in the minor groove of DNA. The input is a DNA sequence and drug PDB file. The output will a docked structure alongwith the binding affinity of the docked structures.

'How to Use Tool'.

Step 1: Input DNA Sequence

Sequence Canonical DNA MD DNA

Step 2: Input Candidate Molecule & Charge [Sample File]:

Input PDB File      Net Ligand Charge +10 to -10

Step 3: Run Query

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Gupta, A. Gandhimathi, P. Sharma, and B. Jayaram, "ParDOCK: An all atom energy based monte carlo docking protocol for protein-ligand complexes", Protein and Peptide Letters, 2007, 14, 632-646. 
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