Partial Atomic Charge Derivation
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Transferrable Partial Atomic Charge Model - up to 4 bonds (TPACM4)

Download Partial Charge for Linux environment.
Sample File  A set of 6 nucleic bases.   How to use TPACM4 tool.

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Charge Derivation
                                          Formal Charge    

           Input PDB file

For submitting a job using a self drawn chemical structure Click Here and follow the instructions given.

References :

G. Mukherjee, N. Patra, P. Barua and B. Jayaram, "A Fast empirical GAFF compatible partial atomic charge assignment scheme for modeling interactions of small molecules with biomolecular targets (TPACM4)", J. Comput. Chem.,, 2011, 32, 893-907.

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