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Predict DNA-Drug Interaction strength by Computing ΔTm and Affinity of binding.

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DNA Drug Interaction
DNA Drug Complex Data Set


Tool 1                                  Predict ΔTm and Δ Gobind from 3-D structure
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                         Option 2 [About]    Formal Drug Charge
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Tool 2                                 Predict Binding Affinity from ΔTm

Input ΔTm  Kelvin  

Predicted Binding Free Energy  kcal/mol

Tool 3                                 Predict ΔTm from Binding free energy

Input Binding Free Energy kcal/mol  

Predicted ΔTm  Kelvin

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"A Swift All-atom Energy based Computational Protocol to Predict DNA-Drug Binding Affinity and ΔTm" Shaikh S.A. and Jayaram B., 2007. J Med Chem., 2007, 50, 2240-2244

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