Lipinski Rule of Five

Lipinski rule of 5 helps in distinguishing between drug like and non drug like molecules. It predicts high probability of success or failure due to drug likeness for molecules complying with 2 or more of the following rules

  • Molecular mass less than 500 Dalton
  • High lipophilicity (expressed as LogP less than 5)
  • Less than 5 hydrogen bond donors
  • Less than 10 hydrogen bond acceptors
  • Molar refractivity should be between 40-130

These filters help in early preclinical development and could help avoid costly late-stage preclinical and clinical failures .To draw a chemical structure Click Here and follow the instructions given.

Lipinski Drug Filters
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  1. To draw a chemical structure Click Here .
  2. Follow the instructions given.
  3. Browse and Upload the file.
  4. Click on Submit.

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