InCob 2006 - First Circular

SCFBio signs an MOU with Dabur Research Foundation on "Computational Design & Development of Inhibitors to Specific Molecular Targets in Cancer Cells", July 12, 05. 

SCFBio provides free compute time on the Supercomputer for research in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology...  

Latest Software
A Physico-Chemical Model for Analyzing DNA sequences, ChemGenome 1.1 has been web-enabled.

Latest Publication
A Physico-Chemical Model for Analyzing DNA sequences. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2006.  

A Comprehensive Active-Site Directed Lead Design Software. Ind. J. Chem.-A 2006.  

Protein structure evaluation using an all-atom based empirical scoring functionJ. Biomol.Str.Dyn, 2006

An all atom energy based computational protocol for predicting binding affinities of protein-ligand complexes FEBS Letters, 2005

A Physico-Chemical Model for Analyzing DNA sequences, Journal of Chemical Information & Modelling, 2005

Latest Tools
Scoring Function for Protein Structure Evaluation proteomics/energy.jsp
Binding Affinity Prediction of Protein-Ligand (BAPPL) server to predict the binding free energy of a protein-ligand complex drugdesign/bappl.jsp

A Computational Tool for Predicting DNA-Drug Binding Affinity and . 2006.